Solar Cell Evaluator

Sun Spectroradiometer S-2440, S-2441, S-2442 (HIDAMARI Mini)

Product Information

This spectroradiometer was designed with many years of Soma Optics’ technology integration. Despite its small and compact size, it measures the wavelength from 300 to 1,100nm.

It is able to measure solar light or outdoor sunlight. Classification of solar simulator is calculated and indicated; It is an ideal equipment to measure solar light for solar cell evaluation.

The measurement probe head uses a reflective diffuser, and is connected to a spectrometer via an optical fiber for smooth measurement.


  • Measurement of pulse light source
  • Measurement of solar light spectral irradiance


  • Spectral irradiance (μW/cm2/nm) measurement with wide wavelength range from UV to NIR
  • High speed measurement with every 1msec interval
  • Spectral irradiance measurement traceable to National Standard
  • Simple interface by USB
  • Versatile measurement by using optical fiber probe


Wavelength range 300~1,100nm
Wavelength Resolution 5nm
Exposure Time 1msec
Measuring Item Solar light, solar simulator, continuous light source, pulse light source
Spectrometer Diffraction grating spectrometer with linear array, Fasti-ebert type
Input Optics Optical fiber with reflecting diffuser
Synchronous signal Synchronized measurement by entering timing signal from the light source
Standard 100V/500W halogen lamp certified by JEMIC
Standard lamp Power supply, optical bench, voltage/current measurement, distance measurement, whole body rack

* The specifications and outer shape may be changed without notification.