Solar Cell Evaluator

Spectral Response Measuring System S-9230

This is a special spectral measuring system with a 25mm beam light. And also, it has complete functions and a unique built-in high efficient grating spectrometer. with complete function and featuring a unique built-in high efficiency grating spectrometer developed by Soma Optics.



  • Achieving wide range of wavelength from 300 to 2,000nm using Xenon/Halogen lamp system.
  • Equipped with white & color bias as standard
  • With combination of a high efficient spectrometer, monochromatic light irradiance above 5mW/cm2 is achievable, ideal for DSC and OPV solar cell measurements
  • It is able to measure various kinds of solar cell types including silicon, chemical and next generation multi-junction cells.



Measuring item Spectral response, Quantum Efficiency
Wavelength range 300~2000nm
Sample size 25x25mm (Max.)
Size 570(W)x630(D)x1750(H)mm
Weight 200kg (Main body)
Power AC100V(50/60Hz), 1.5KVA x 2