Solar Cell Evaluator

High Performance Multi Spectroradiometer 9030

Product Information

It‘s a high grade spectroradiometer which is suitable for evaluation in each kind of light source and measurement. Those evaluation and measurement are required for high accuracy.
This equipment is using 5 monochromators and quintri-farcated fiber which are suitable for measurement for wide wavelength range. It is possible to measure 5 wavelength areas at the same time.

This equipment is used for reference solar cell calibration, primary calibration equipment in AIST and secondary calibration equipment in JET.

Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories


Measuring item Spectral irradiance (μW/cm2/nm)
Calculation item Spectral match
JIS C 8912 , JIS C 8933 , JIS C 8942 , IEC 60904-9 (Standard)
Wavelength area 250nm~2500nm
Spectrometer 5 units
Measuring interval 1nm / 2nm / 5nm / 10nm (250nm~2500nm via user selectable measuring interval set)
Wavelength resolution 1nm~20nm (via user selectable slit set)
Calibration standard Internal Mercury lamp and Argon lamp