Meat Fat Evaluation System for NIR

Fat Analyzer S-7010

Product Information

Enabling on-site measurement of FAT quality (fatty acid composition — SFA, Oleic ACID) of pork and beef!
Portable, nondestructive and rapid NIR instrument powered by rechargeable batteries!
Developed following the advance of Professor Masakazu Irie, Faculty of Agriculture, Miyazaki University.


Measuring item 1. Oleic acid, 2. SFA 3. Monounsaturated fatty acid etc.
Many parameters are shown according to the calibration
Wavelength range 700~1,050nm
Measuring time 2~3 sec per measuring
Fiber Length 1,250 mm
Light source Halogen lamp, Average life 40,000 hrs.
ADC 16bit
Interface USB2.0
Power Rechargeable AA battery x 6 pc.
Operating time 1 hr. approx.
Size/Weight 296(W)x98(H)x233(D) / 5.3 kg